Sister Martha talks at St. John the Baptist

Sister Martha Keller, director of vocation ministry for the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph, spoke to students from St. John the Baptist School in Newburgh, Ind., on Jan. 14, 2013.

Sister Martha was invited by the school to come and share her vocation story during National Vocation Awareness Week, which is being celebrated by the Catholic Church in the United States Jan. 13-19.

“In the final day of the beautiful Christmas decorations, the students from grades 5-8, 150 in total, attentively listened with enthusiasm and joy and raised wonderful questions about what being an Ursuline Sister means,” Sister Martha said.

Sister Martha said that it was appropriate for the Church to celebrate Vocation Awareness week following the feast of the Baptism of the Lord.

“I was struck that I was in John the Baptist Church and he was the one who baptized Jesus, so I spoke about how our call flows from our baptism,” she said.

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  1. Rose J. Powers, OSU

    Sr. Martha, I don’t know what you were saying about the baptismal call…but it must have been interesting. The looks on the students’ faces show they were very interested. — Keep up the good work!

  2. Betsy

    Congratulations, Martha! The students appeared to be interested and absorbed with what you were sharing. Keep up the good work!

  3. Sr. Mary Ellen Backes

    I loved the connection with John the Baptist and our own vocation call flowing from our baptism. It seems so obvious once you say it, but all too often we miss the obvious and here you are in person, sharing what’s most obvious and critical to vocation ministry in your caring and enthusiastic way. Thank you. Mary Ellen Backes

  4. Sister Eileen Howard osu

    You are doing a marvelous work, Sr. Martha! You are graced….Blessings in the New Year!
    Sr. Eileen, osu

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