Reflective Moments November 2019

Every morning I receive in my email a “Word of Gratefulness.” Sometimes it reminds me to be grateful for the simple things that I take for granted. It may be the gift of my five senses that allows me to enjoy the wonderful things that God has given us. Sometimes it may remind me to be grateful for family or good friends and neighbors that support us on our journey through life.

Benedictine Monk Brother David Steindl-Rast suggests making a list of the ABCs of Grateful Living by going through the alphabet and making a connection for each letter. His first four examples are:

A – Amazement – the vibrant sense of wonder.

B – Beauty, not prettiness, but the beauty of a thunderstorm gripping the heart with a sense of mystery.

C – Cherries – shiny red plump cherries that taste so sweet.

D – Death – living and dying belong together. By learning to live gratefully, we learn to die peacefully. I ask don’t we all want to die peacefully rather than fearfully?

Continue on through the alphabet. You may be surprised at your entries.

Several years ago, I began a practice that Oprah Winfrey suggested: Each night in my journal I list at least five things I am grateful for that happened that day. Sometimes I have to stretch to get to five. At other times I could easily go on several others.

Let’s all start each day with a grateful heart.

By: Sister Marietta Wethington


  1. Von

    I love reading your reflections. It inspires me and keeps me grounded. Thank you for sharing.

    Your loving cousin

  2. Sarah Hildenbrand

    Sister Mary,
    You have the the most wonderful insight. Always love your reflections.
    Love, Sarah

  3. Martha Keller

    Thanks for your reflection and encouragement on GRATITUDE. Your words and deeds are a genuine witness of gratitude.

    Grateful for you! Martha,osu

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