Quilts for Sale!!!

We still have some quilts left over from our Escape to the mount weekend and we would like to give our supporters an opportunity to still purchase these amazing pieces of art! To buy a quilt, you can call Maggie at (270) 229-2009 or email her at maggie.hatfield@maplemount.org to reserve which one you want then she will take your credit card information over the phone or you will be able to send in a check. The names of the quilts and prices are listed in the captions of each photo. To mail the quilts, we will add $10 for shipping for the small quilts and $15 for the larger quilts. 



    1. Maggie Hatfield

      Hi, Marsha!

      Those are fairly large quilts so I would say at least a queen, but I will double check on that for you.

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