Olympic excitement

olympics 2
Why is it that every time the winter Olympics roll around I get so excited? I am magnetically drawn in to the arena by all the talent and enthusiasm! I suppose, in a sense, this is because being a part of the games, even if it as a bystander, satisfies my desire to excel in some kind of sports.

I love lots of sports – basketball, baseball, soccer, figure skating, tight rope competition, skiing, snowboarding, to name a few. I have fond memories of watching figure skating with my Dad. The time, energy and talent given to this event in history is amazing! The conviction and determination to do your best is recognized and makes the event so thrilling. The support of the people gathered physically with millions of viewers by satellite and television is uplifting. I look forward to the opening ceremony, even more than the Super Bowl Sunday. For my friends who know me this is no comparison because I am ignorant of the game of football. I join the commercial fan club for that event. But the audience definitely has a role to play in the success of the competitions.

As I anticipate the opening ceremony tomorrow evening and hang up my hat of listening and encouraging another who is on a similar path, I can see a parallel between reaching for our goals in life as similar to striving to claim a golden medal. The goals we set for ourselves are self-driven, demand lots of time, energy and talent. Our life goals are also made more attainable through the encouragement and support of our fans, be that friends, family, community, or acquaintances. I marvel at all those who set out with sincerity, enthusiasm, God-given talent and passion. It makes for a great game! These same qualities are evident in those seeking to excel in life as well. I am equally excited for them!

May we be inspired and entertained by the talent and passion from Sochi Olympics. It is awesome to see people from all nations gathering in a spirit of good sportsmanship and unity. Enjoy the games, I will!
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