November Reflective Moments with Angela: The Now Time

We often hear about doing things now. There’s also the old saying: “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.” That saying could fit in with all the negative happening around us now.

But let’s look at how this fits into a spiritual experience. Then let’s say and act in the following ways which lead to a whole new style. So it is time for flying with the Spirit, leaping and dancing and praising God as we are infected by His dream which calls us to a whole new way in which we let God be God and surrender to His will.

It is time for transformation, to be totally turned inside out, upside down as we attune ourselves to His nudges to let go of that old self so as to be empowered in all ways of discipleship.

It is time to be grounded in God, so attached to His power source that we can be light in the darkness and discerning people striving to live each moment in accord with the Gospel of love and light. Really, it’s a time for a faith transformation in which new sights and sounds of spiritual realities overcome our human frailties and make us animated witnesses of God’s abiding presence and His covenant of love.

And it is time for Eucharistic living, breaking ourselves for one another in order to be Christ for one another. As we unite, we are bonded closer to our God and shaped in His image. May this new spirit lead others to a now time as well.



Angela, even though she lived in the 1500s, was definitely a “now” person. Her great faith, love, and devotion was so evident to people that they sought her out to guide and teach them. She was gifted with a special vision to work with the Church and society and bring about needed reforms and new programs for all. Her service was enriched by her prayer and reliance on God’s promises. May she intercede for us to be enveloped in that same spirit, saying yes to what the Lover of us all wants to do.



This prayer of St. Augustine may help us along the way so we may be completely enveloped in a “Now” style.
“Breathe in me, O Holy Spirit, that my thoughts may all be holy. Act in me, O Holy Spirit, that my work, too, may be holy. Draw my heart, O Holy Spirit, so that I love only what is holy. Strengthen me, O Holy Spirit, to defend all that is holy. Guard me, then, O Holy Spirit, that I always may be holy.