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Sisters in Ministry May 2011
Sister Pat Lynch: A presence of joy for college students

Remarkable friend

In her free time, Sister Pat likes to go to movies, and she was once involved in community theater. Her speech therapy days at Lakemary made her especially glad that “The King’s Speech” won the Oscar this year for best picture.

“Pat may seem quiet to those who don’t know her, but she is a real ham, very creative, and an entertaining storyteller,” Sister Kathleen said.


Sister Pat and Emporia State University student Molly Campbell enjoy a moment during the Kansas Catholic College Student Convention, Feb. 11-13 in Topeka, Kan. The convention theme was “Rooted in Christ,” and featured speakers talking about how their professions are rooted in Christ.

One of Sister Pat’s finest attributes is being a good friend. “She is thoughtful, sensitive, and intuitive,” Sister Kathleen said. “In the tough times, she can understand how I am feeling without my saying anything, being there with a hug or a note of support just when I need it. She is generous with compliments and expressions of gratitude, not only to me, but with everyone.”

Warden, Sister Pat’s high school friend, was a teacher for 30 years in Washington, D.C., but returned to Kansas City six years ago when her husband was dying of cancer, and she and Sister Pat reconnected. “She brought a specialness to my husband,” Warden said. Sister Pat sang at the Wardens’ wedding.

“She’s a remarkable friend,” Warden said. Warden attends Church of the Nativity in Leawood, Kan., and said she tries to keep a low profile, but that isn’t possible with Sister Pat.

“When Pat goes to church with me, she knows everybody,” Warden said. “I tease her that I should wear a T-shirt that says, ‘I’m with Sister Pat.’ ”

By Dan Heckel

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