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Sisters in Ministry October 2011
Sister Michele Morek: Always ready for the next adventure

Sister Michele prepares to smoke her beehives on the Motherhouse grounds in June 2009.

In recent years, she’s also become a bee keeper. “I had always loved teaching about bee behavior. It’s fun to watch them, but it’s a lot of hard work,” Sister Michele said. “Now I feel obligated to them.”

She describes herself as an “omnivorous reader,” and enjoys mysteries, books about ancient civilizations, and authors who have a “fine sense of place.” “I read the early chapters of James Michener’s books,” she said. She cites Nevada Barr as an author with a great sense of place, and she’s also a fan of Tony Hillerman because she loves the stories of New Mexico.

While interning in New York City this year, she launched another adventure simultaneously, joining Sister Martha Keller as one of two sisters who blog for the Ursuline website.

“I enjoyed New York a lot more because I got to blog about it. I could see it through other people’s eyes,” she said. “As I continue blogging, it’s no longer to entertain, it’s a strange hybrid of a personal journal and a vocation page. I’m better at recounting stories, I’m not sure anyone enjoys my innermost thoughts.”

Sister Cheryl, now academic dean and vice president of academic affairs at Brescia, said people enjoy having Sister Michele around. “She doesn’t meet a stranger, and she loves students,” Sister Cheryl said. “She’s one of the most positive, optimistic people, and that’s contagious. People like being around her.”

Sister Michele isn’t sure what the next adventure will be for her. “I’ll have to wait and see what comes up,” she said. “I’ve always believed we have some job to do, and we won’t know what it is until after we’re dead.”

By Dan Heckel

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