May 12, 2017: Canticle of the Sun

It has been a while since my last blog.  There have been many detours that have intersected the path.  I do not have a quote for you but I have an image  and a poem.

I took this picture at Chiara Center: Franciscan Place of Spirituality in Springfield, IL where I was on Retreat.  We were encouraged to find God in nature and I was thankful for this beautiful stained glass window that I could gaze at nature for it was a cold and rainy day.  As I meditated on its beauty, I was struck by the very importance of the Sun(Son) in our lives.  I wrote a poem that day to remember my experience.  (Disclaimer:  I would not consider myself a great poet.)

The Sun and the Son

At the very center of our world,

The one thing that sustains the Earth is the Sun.

It controls our seasons, our harvest, and even our moods.

Without it we would cease to exist.

At the very heart of our Universe is a Great God.

He set the Sun in its place;

Set the planets to orbit the Sun.

Then, He sent His only Son.

Jesus the Son,

Shows us how to love, nurture, and care for all creation;

Without The Son,

We would cease to exist.


I hope you can find the Son in the darkness of your cold, windy, and rainy days, but most especially in your everyday storms that life can sometimes bring.  Happy Easter!




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