March 7, 2016: Obedience: One in Mind and Heart

We are all called to obedience:  to see, to hear, and to respond.  Being open to use our eyes, ears and hearts so we can respond is the key.  Sr. Maria Hughes, ASC gave A Reflection on the Vow of Obedience this past week.  She challenged us to be open to listening to the “voices” in our lives.  She shared a quote by Dorothea Steffensky-Solle that sums up why we are to remain open.  She said, “If your hands (eyes, hears, and/or hearts) are fully occupied in holding on to something, then you can neither give nor receive.”    This quote has given me better understanding not just of the Vow of Obedience, but of the Vow of Consecrated Chastity, and the Vow of Poverty. 

In order for me to remain true to my Vows I must remain of one mind and heart with God, myself, and my community.  Staying connected to God through deep listening is the key to understanding as the vows become a part of me.  Contemplation is how I am going to stay true my vows and remain connected to my community.  As Sr. Maria said, “Mission and obedience begin in our own hearts.”  “The more rooted in God we are, the closer we come to each other.” 


  1. C.J.

    A powerful and important posting, Stephany! And so very meaningful during my retreat this week. Thanks for the inspiration!

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