March 24, 2017: The Flyer and the Catcher

In the Epilogue of the Henri Nouwen’s book Spiritual Direction is found this story:

“A Flyer and a Catcher enter the circus ring and greet the audience with smiles and movements that cause their wide silver capes to swirl about them.  They pull themselves up into the large net and start to climb rope ladders to positons high up in the big tent.  As the Flyer swings away from the pedestal board, she somersaults and turns freely in the air, only to be safely grasped by the Catcher.”

This may seem like a strange topic for my blog, but in reality we are the Flyers and God is the Catcher.

How many times have I tried to swing from various trapezes of life trusting myself to land on point by orchestrating all the details so that I would appear to have everything together, to find out that I really just appear to be micromanaging, perfectionistic, and just plain bossy.  At times after such a feat, the plan that I have orchestrated completely falls apart or blows up in my face.

Without trust in the Catcher we can be in danger of seriously hurting ourselves and others.  We are trying to lead, when we could step off the platform and soar knowing that the Catcher has promised to catch us.

In reality, I have learned, through life experience, that to TRUST God is the only way to assure that I am safe, provided for, truly on the right track, and ready to be caught by His loving, all powerful hands.


  1. shellie

    Good Job Stephany! This is something for all of us to think about, especially those of us who are in positions to be over other people! I do NOT LIKE TO BE MICROMANAGED so I pray that I do not do that to others!

    blessings on you,
    peace, shellie

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