All is Not Lost with the Help of Saint Anthony

My name is Maggie Matsko, and I have been serving as the Communications and Development Specialist for the Ursuline Sisters of MSJ since March of 2017. As a twentysomething woman, this is my first role working in a convent, and I am constantly learning something new here. This blog is about my daily interactions with the Sisters, supporters and my co-workers while explaining what I take away from those moments. Working in such a wonderful place has made me grow both professionally and spiritually.

The other morning, Sister George Mary Hagan came into my office looking for a few important documents that she had misplaced. She told me that she had been searching high and low, all while praying to Saint Anthony for guidance. Sister George Mary was so sure that her prayers would be answered because he had never let her down before.

Since I attended Catholic school from kindergarten to 8th grade, I was very familiar with the patron saint of lost items. As a child, I was known to lose things, and I would pray to Saint Anthony under my breath as I tore through my parents’ house. When I was on the search, I found comfort in Saint Anthony and praying to him made me feel as if I was not alone.

As an adult, I can’t remember the last time I prayed to Saint Anthony though. Believe me, there have been plenty of lost items since I have moved out of my parents’ house, but I haven’t thought to rely on him in a long time. After a quick Google search, I came to find that Saint Anthony has also been credited to help lost people and even lost spiritual goods.

The next day, Sister George Mary ended up finding her documents and she was raving about the amazing works of this wonderful saint. As she left my office, I sat in my chair pondering–

-Saint Anthony is more than just the patron saint of lost items, he is a friend and confidant during times of worry and panic.

-When we pray to Saint Anthony, we feel more confident in our search because we have him on our side.

-By seeing Sister George Mary’s sureness in Saint Anthony, I realized that I need to start praying to him again when both my items and soul are lost.


  1. Pamela Knudson

    Sister Rudina “Rita” Klarer taught us to pray to St. Anthony in a most comforting but unusual way: “Tony, Tony, turn around,
    Something is lost that must
    be found.”
    I say this simple little prayer a lot, it has helped me so many times, even at times when I lose my way on my faith journey, Tony has turned me around to the right path.

    I am giving up jealousy for Lent. It is a burden I have and hangs over me. I hope to find patience when I give up jealousy. I hope to give up sweets, but this is very hard, very hard to do!! I hope I can be strong to fulfill this act of Lenten spirituality. I hope to make more time in my life for hour a day would be a blessing. Thank you.

    1. Maggie Matsko

      Thanks so much for sharing, Pamela! Good luck with your Lenten journey this year!!!


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