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Lori Bowen enjoys doing her part to spread some kindness

Lori Bowen looks forward to doing her “church homework” each month.

That’s what she calls the Kindness Cards that she helps prepare on behalf of the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph. Lori takes the inspirational and encouraging words provided to her and glues them into the cards, then returns the cards and envelopes for mailing.

It takes her about four to five hours to complete roughly 100 cards. She often does this work at home, or sometimes brings the cards with her to Owensboro’s Opportunity Center, which supports and trains people with developmental disabilities.

“I like to have something to do,” Lori said. “I like to do things for other people.”

Lori has been helping the Sisters with this task for four years. The Kindness Campaign brings joy to people who receive the cards, but it also helps Lori feel a part of helping others. She’s happy to know that people who need kindness are receiving the cards.

“It’s a nice thing to do for people,” Lori said. “Everybody likes being remembered.”