Lent Remembrances: Sister Jane Falke recalls the sacrifice of candy

To help us along our journey during Lent, we asked the Ursuline Sisters to share a memory of Lent from their youth, or during some time in their ministries. Their replies will be shared throughout Lent. Sister Jane Falke begins our “Lent Remembrances.”

“I was a child in the 1940s and the early 50s. The rules for Lent were much different then with severe fasting, abstinence from meat and several church services each week. My family took it very seriously.

“Mom and Dad always had a brown paper sack of candy up in a kitchen cabinet. We children never helped ourselves to the candy nor did we ask for it. The candy would be given out occasionally as a special treat. My mother told us that the candy would be given out during Lent as it was during the rest of the year, but if we wanted to give it up for Lent, she would give us a jar and we could save up our share during Lent. We chose to do that, and each time we got a piece of candy we added it to the jar and quickly put the jar away in a drawer. For us children, Lent was a very long time. 

“Back in those days, the Holy Saturday service was held in the morning and attended by hardly anyone. The rules of Lent were over at noon. All that Saturday morning we had our candy jars close at hand, and we looked at them with eager anticipation. As soon as it was noon, we were able to start eating our candy. It tasted so good. Then on Easter morning we got more candy from the Easter bunny! 

“That childhood experience has always stayed with me and helped me see Easter as a triumph over all the big and small hard things that come along in life.”

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