Lent Remembrances: Sister George Mary and the Stations of the Cross

Sister George Mary Hagan recalls her family’s dedication to the Stations of the Cross, and her classmates with extensive hours in church on Good Friday. Here is her “Lent Remembrance.”

“When I think of Lent in my early childhood, I first of all think of the Stations of the Cross we always attended at noon on Fridays at St. Catherine Church, in New Haven, Ky. This was a must in our family.

“Believe it or not, on Good Friday, the whole school at St Catherine Church attended three full hours in church, the hours that Jesus was on the cross. Now I wonder how we did it? I am sure the Sisters suffered the three hours in many ways, getting the students to behave all of  that time.”



  1. Pamela Jo Knudson

    Thank you for sharing your Lenten remembrance with us, Sister George Mary. I must have been hard sitting, kneeling, and standing 3 hours!

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