Lent Remembrance: Sister Catherine Barber and the challenges of Lent

Sister Catherine Barber’s memories of Lent growing up in Fredericktown, Ky., were pleasant ones, even though her family saw Lent as a challenge. This is her Lent Remembrance.

“My sister said she looked forward to Lent as a challenge to give something up. Back in those days, we’d give up candy for Lent,” Sister Catherine said. “Over the years, the priests have assured us, you can give up something like gossiping, which is more important.”

“We had stations of the cross every week when I was growing up. Our pastor at Holy Trinity Church, Father Jerome Lammers, on Good Friday would kneel for three hours, from noon to 3 p.m. We tried to imitate him because we thought he was so holy. Then it seemed like we prayed all Holy Saturday morning.”

Spending so much time in church during Lent was a pleasant memory for Sister Catherine.

“Church was our main outlet, that was our way of getting out and mixing with people,” she said. “We found that very fulfilling.”