How do I know if my attempts to pray are working?

This is a common question that people who are serious about growing in their spiritual life ask.   Developing a relationship with God in prayer is as unique as each person.   You obviously have a relationship with God, for you are drawn to take time to pray and are concerned about doing it properly.  I recall when I was reading about prayer when I first entered the Novitate, an author stated that CHARITY is the litmus test of prayer.  That has always stayed with me.   It is pretty evident that the fruit of prayer overflows in your daily encounters.  You might ask yourself some questions:  ” Am I more kind? More patient? More joyful? Do you think more about Jesus as you go through the day?  Do you see your actions and service becoming more selfless?”

It is helpful to remember that the purpose of prayer is not to change God but to change us.  This change is usually  in small ways.   Saint Augustine wrote, “The pious soul prays not to inform God but to be conformed to God’s will.”

Enjoy your prayer time each day.  Savor the silence and space!  Trust and stay alert to the revelation of God  not only around you but within you!