Proclaiming Jesus through education and Christian formation.

Help the Sisters

The Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph serve thousands of people each year. We help people in their search for God by fulfilling our mission of education and Christian formation. We educate in schools, universities and religious education programs. We serve in social ministries which provide clothing, shelter, food and nursing skills to those in need. Our work in seven states and Chillan, Chile, in South America provides educational and spiritual opportunities. You can be a partner in this mission.

We are currently receiving donations for our “Be a New Creation” Annual Appeal.

Watch this video to see the importance of your donation.

Donate to the “Be a New Creation” Annual Appeal

Here are some other examples that our families, friends, alumnae, Associates, and other benefactors help support each year through the ministries of our sisters:

  • Special scholarships and other programs for youth and adults at Brescia University.
  • Spirituality, retreats and other educational programs at the Mount Saint Joseph Conference and Retreat Center.
  • Care and support for the retired sisters at Mount Saint Joseph.
  • Special programs of Sisters’ continuing or retooling educational experiences.
  • Events for youth and young adults to foster their growth of vocational awareness.
  • Grants for outreach to the homeless and poor in areas
  • Program support of the women’s cooperative at Casa Ursulina in Chillan, Chile.
  • International support of survivors of torture.
  • Liturgical updates of the breviary for communal prayer.
  • Direct service to the poor in soup kitchens, clothing where we volunteer or minister stores, and other needs.
  • Pastoral ministries in rural areas.
  • Tutoring of children with special needs for after-school assistance.
  • Efforts to eliminate human-trafficking in the U.S. and abroad.
  • Initiatives to develop new ministries for the future, especially with poor women and children.

….and many more programs and services! For more information, please visit our Development Office page.

Thank you for our wonderful donors! Your support of “Be a New Creation” was much appreciated!

Kenneth and NancyAlbrecht
George and BettyAllard
Martha and DetlefAlle
John and ThereseAllen
Evelyn K.Ambrose
Dan and ClaudiaAnderson
Andrew and CathyArnold
Rev ChetArtysiewicz
Cathy A.Audley
Michael G.Bansley
Tom Sheehan andBarbara Jean Allen
Sister SusanneBauer, OSU
Robert and MarilynBeam
Dr. George and BarbaraBeard
James and SheilaBeaven
Jerry and AliceBiscopink
Lawrence and MaryBland
Richard G.Blond
Richard and BeverlyBoeckmann
Marvin and JosephineBoling
David and MaggieBollone
Michael and AnnaBoone
Bryan and MyrnaBorders
Eileen M.Bowling
John and JanetBrandon
Rev. AlBremer
James and MaryBrey
George and FayeBriel
Russell and ConnieBrooks
Joel and FayeBruce
Carl and MaryBuchman
James and DorothyBuckman
Thomas and DeniseBuckman
William and SallyBuford
James E.Burke
Carole M.Cada
Robert and JanCarlton
James and BarbaraCarrico
James J.Casaert
Robert and AnnCaspar
Joseph and GloriaCecil
Philip and KarieCecil
Tim and MelodyCecil
Archie and AngelaClark
Tony and CarolynClark
Matteo and KathyCoco
Michael and NancyCollins
Richard and MaryConn
Carol A.Coyle
Thomas and RoseCurtsinger
Clemens and IoneDeken
Patrick and CarolynDespeaux
Walter and BarbaraDoll
Rebecca JeanDonahue
William and JoyceDougherty
Mary MargaretDrury, A’66
Kevin A.Dunn
Lawrence and GeraldineDurbin
Jeffrey and MargaretEbelhar
Richard and IsabelleEbelhar
Robert L.Eberenz
Dr. Susan J.Effertz
Edmund and PamelaEglinski
Alan and BeckyEnglehart
Janet SueEvans
Jeff and DonnaFerguson
John and AgnesFilburn
Thomas and Jo AnneFiorini
Sylvester and BarbaraFischer
John and LindaFitzpatrick
William and JocelynFoushee
Steve and TriciaFrey
Vince and JoanFrey
JaneFulton Trust
Louise FowlerGaddie, A’45
Al and MaryGarcia
Jacinta C.Garinger, A’47
Stephanie M.George
Robert and MildredGilles
John and MargaretGladbach
William and JoyceGodfrey
Rev. J. RaymondGoetz
Elaine A.Gokey
Gerald and DeborahGonsoski
Mary SueGoodlett, A’58
Robert and JenniferGrabill
Rev. Joseph T.Graffis
Dale and SusieGray
Carl and MaureenGreenwell
Chuck Mattingly and BarbaraGreenwell
Rev. Robert B.Grey
Gerald and JanetGriffin
Josephine A.Guerrant
John and BrigitteGuffey
Victor and BarbaraHagman
Philip and KimberlyHaire
Bill R.Hampton
Joseph and MarieHancock
William and KayHardin
Mary JoHarmon
Kingston and DoreenHarney
Dr. Christopher and MaryHavelda
Bernard and CatherineHayden
Donald A.Hayden
Edward and BethHayden
Mary LouiseHayden
Meichele Foster and RoseHayden
Robert and PatriciaHayes
Sister Barbara JeanHead, OSU
Donald Wakins and MaryHead
Dan and SherriHeckel
William D.Heinzig
Jerome and MarieHenning
AngelineHeumann Fund
Joseph and PamHigdon
Marvin and MonicaHildebrand
Wendell and ShirleyHill
John and SusanHines
George and LornaHorishny
Michael E.Horn
Charles and AliceHoward
Dr. CarrollHoward
Earl and CarolynHoward
Michael and VickiHoward
Paul and LoisHowe
Gerald and MaryHubbs
John and SallyHudnall
Robert and JaniceHugyez
Norbert and JaneHummel
Craig And MarjorieHumphrey
Dennis and ReginaJacobs
Kenneth and MichaelanneJames
Dennis and MargaretJohnson
Frank and AnnJohnson
Joseph and MaryJohnson
Benita PayneJolly, A’52
John and MaryannJoyce
Anthony and AngelaKaelin
Neil and MargaretKallman
Robert and AnneKantor
James and SuzanneKee
Paul WKeene
Mary CeceliaKeith
Vincent and JoyceKeller
Mark and DianeKemper
Paul and BeverlyKeyser
Joe and BethKirsch
Brad Rives and MaryKlarer
Thomas and AnnKnox
Robert and JeanneKobler
Frank and JeanKoehler
Larry and BeckyKrampe
Martin and CarrieKrampe
Sarah JaneKranz, A’72
Clifford and JeanKreifels
Raymond J.Kress
Gregory and ColleenLang
Harry J.Lavigne
Joseph and BernadineLawler
Raymond and ShirleyLindle
George and RosalineLong
Charles Easley andLouise Clarke
Sarah JaneLynch
Neil and DianneManias
Anna CatherineMattingly, A’66
Allen and SylviaMattingly
Bruce and BethMattingly
John and HelenMattingly
Honorable Romano L.Mazzoli
John and JaniceMcCarthy
Robert and DianeMcGrew
Joseph A.McLiney
Glen and DianeMeakem
John and MaryMedley
Rev. Joseph TMerkt
John and CynthiaMesnier
James and JoanMeyer
Carla BassMiller
Willard and PattyMiller
Robert and AprilMitchell
Michael and JacquelineMize
Michael and MaryMonaghan
Bernadette EbelharMonday, A’77
Arnold and BettyeMoody
Mary JoMoore
Teresa LewisMorgan, C’45
Jack and BettyMorgan
Stephen and RebeccaMorris
Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint JosephMotherhouse Community
David K.Mudd
John and CindyMulligan
Jeffery and EdnaMurphey
Kevin and DonnaMurphy
Mark and RobertaMusick
Patrick and CeciliaNally
Thomas and LucyNeal
Sally K.Newcomb
James T.Nixon
Joseph and MaryNugent
Mary LouO’Brien
James and LindaO’Daniel
Eddie and JaniceO’Donoghue
Carol A.O’Keefe
Christopher and DellaOberst
Stephen and KathleenOdenwald
Larry and MelanieOdom-Groh
Leon and SharonOlinger
Sammy and SherryOrange
Joseph and JeannePassantino
Steven and RitaPatti
Raymond and LauraPaul
David and ConniePeake
Kent and ColeenPech
Benjamin L.Peine
Linda W.Pennington
Alice M.Peterson
John M.Pfannes
Thuy V.Pham
Kenneth and MaggiePierson
Michael and ElizabethPontarolo
Marty and MargaretPosey
William and JoannePowell
Timothy and KathyQuigley
Joseph and PatriciaRaphael
John and DebbieReiss
Suzanne E.Reiss
Charles E.Reteneller
Jeff and TammyRice
Matthew DRicheson
WilliamRiedley, Sr. Trust
Jeffrey and ShellyRiney
Rev. W. JerryRiney
Thomas and MaryRiney
Roberta SueRobert
Marianna WillettRobinson, A’60
Mary AnnRockers
Keith O.Rodolph
Aggie JollyRoehrig
Robert and RosemaryRunnebaum
Jack and JaniceRuopp
John and NancyRusso
James and ElaineSanders
H. and PatriciaSatterwhite
Rev. Paul A.Scaglione
Michael and JaniceScherm
Mark and EileenSchmelzel
Joseph and MarilynSchneller
Edward C.Schnur
Robert and MichelleSchornak
Sister MarcellaSchrant, OSU
Robert L.Scully
Serra Club of Kansas City MO
Dr. Gregory A.Shondell
Rev. AnthonyShonis
Thomas and BarbaraShroyer
Chester and NoraSimms
Martha and T. MarkSims
Paul and JuliaSims
Donald and DiannaSkeeters
Betty J.Skimehorn
Mary PaulaSkrivan
Daniel and DebbieSmith
Thomas and VickiSmith
Richard E.Soenen
Jacqueline M.Sommers
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John and MarieSpies
Maxine AnnStaley Fund
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Dr. RobertaSteinbacher
Mike and CharlotteStelmach
James and SarahStenger
Vicki M.Stogsdill
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Ronald and CissySullivan
Stephen and NancySummers
Anne and WilliamSwinford
Thomas and ShelleySzoka
Richard and ElizabethSzucs
Ernest and ShirleyTaliaferro
Paul and CarolynTapp
C. Waitman And PatTaylor
Daniel and SandraThomas
Louis and ShirleyThomas
Mike and CloaThompson
Teresa B.Thompson
Thomas N.Thompson
Beavin and VirginiaThornsberry
Mary AnnThrasher
Terry and DebbieTinker
James and LindaTribble
Richard and SusanUbert
William and BettyUlrich
Otis and MaryVance
James and KarenVerney
Rev. Dennis F.Voss
Mary FordVuncannon, A’55
Dr. W. Dean and NinaWalton
George and NancyWalz
Thomas and SharonWaris
John and LoisWeaver
Norbert and LorenaWeidenbenner
Thomas and KarenWheatley
Dennis and KarenWhitaker
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Harold and KathyYoung
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