Hard Workers for Christ

Within my year of working here, I haven’t come across a single Sister who hasn’t displayed a solid work ethic. The community at Mount Saint Joseph ranges in all ages, while they all display their passion for Jesus and for helping others. Whenever asked of something, the Sisters are ready and willing to roll up their sleeves. They also bring a cheerful and positive attitude to the job.

Sister Ruth Gehres always helps us proof the Ursuline Alive magazine before we send it off to the printer. She can give us good feedback on the articles, but she is also very encouraging and tells us that we have done a great job. Sister Marietta Wethington writes the web reflections for us every month and she is so good at it! Every time I read them, I am so moved, and I know our Facebook followers are, too. Sister Marcell Schrant and Sister Mary McDermott help us with daily tasks in the Mission Advancement office such as filing and alphabetizing paperwork, as well as stuffing envelopes. Even though these tasks are small, they mean so much to us and free up our time to do more for the community of MSJ.

These are just some examples of how the Sisters help the staff in Mission Advancement, but I know they are willing to lend a helping hand across all the departments here. Seeing their efforts, especially those Sisters who are in their 80s and 90s, makes me want to push myself harder during the workday.

The Sisters not only apply their work ethic to their jobs in and outside of the Motherhouse, but also their spiritual life as well. The power of prayer is an amazing thing and all the Sisters can move mountains with it. Every evening, Marian Bennett sends out the prayer requests that people submit throughout the day, and I know all the Sisters send up prayers for those individuals. Their faith in God is amazing to me and makes me realize that I need to lean on him more in times of need instead of worrying.

The way that the Sisters help and pray for others, we should aim to emulate that in our daily lives. After all, everyone could use a little help and a small amount goes a long way.


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