Going Above and Beyond

In March of 2020, it will mark three years of employment for me here at the Mount. During my time here, I have learned that I can do much more than the tasks that are listed in my job description. Working at the Mount, no matter what position, requires you to be a jack-of-all-trades. The reason is that each department needs help from time to time, and the staff uses the “Ursuline Way” to assist in any way that they can. Being employed here has made me a very well-rounded staff member and there are just a few things that I can add to my resume—

Elevator Fixer—One afternoon, I was the only employee left on the 3rd floor of Lourdes. The elevator stopped working and Sister Rita wasn’t able to climb up the ladder to the attic where the controls to the elevator were. She would stand at the bottom of the ladder and tell me which switches to turn on and off. With her direction from below, we were able to get the elevator up and running again! It was really awesome because I got to see how the elevator works and got my hands dirty for a bit!

Dish Washer—Over the last few months, the kitchen has been short staffed, so I have offered to help out on some evening and weekend shifts. Being behind the scenes in the kitchen has given me a whole new perspective on how hard our kitchen staff works. From the minute you clock in, you don’t stop moving till your break or lunchtime. When I come home, I am tired and smelling like dirty dish water, but it makes me feel good to help out when I can. I have also been able to spend time with the kitchen staff and realize how awesome they all are! Before, I would only see them as I am going through the lunch line during the work week. Now, I know a little bit more about each of them and it’s nice to have a relationship with your coworkers.

Quilt Salesperson—After our Escape to the Mount weekend, we had quite a few quilts left over. We wanted to give our supporters who live far away a chance to own these beautiful pieces of art, so we posted the quilts on our website and on social media. After I put up the initial post, the response was huge! I had voicemails and emails from people who were interested in purchasing one. The best part about working with these individuals was that they told me about their connection to the Ursuline Sisters of MSJ. It was great to hear their stories and why they support the Sisters. It was very inspiring to see how many people the Sisters have made an impact on over the years!


  1. Laurita

    Thanks for going above and beyond your regular duties at the Mount! We are happy to have you on campus! We appreciate you! Sister Laurita!

    1. Sr. Mary McDermott

      Maggie is it a joy to work with you.
      I’m so glad you are here!
      Keep adding to that resume’.

  2. Joyce Nettle

    Maggie I am new at this website and just getting around to reading about you. Thank you for being of such help as a jack-of-all-trades. I am sure it is very appreciated. I am also capable of doing many things such as plumbing, electrical, carpentry, dry-walling and painting and many more. I have been called many things and have many trade hats but, my husband says it is a “JILL of all trades”. 🙂

    Again thank you.

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