Getting in the Christmas (and Advent) Spirit

When I was younger, Christmas had a different meaning. It mostly meant one thing—PRESENTS. As I have gotten older, it has meant stress of traveling for the holiday season, spending an excessive amount of money on gifts and eating way too much of my mother’s wonderful cooking. It’s funny how as we grow up, we start to be a little more cynical. It’s almost as if the true joy of Christmas had been sucked out of me. Since my time in Catholic school, I also never really reflected on the importance of Advent until I started working at the Mount.

These Sisters really embody the joy of the holiday season. Every December, Sister Marietta holds a sweater drive for the women of Oasis Shelter. Sister Amelia spearheads the baking of delicious treats that are made for the Sisters and staff. The Sisters also put on an amazing Christmas party for the employees here, and it is always a good time. You can really see the joy and love in the Sisters’ faces this time of year.

The Mount is picturesque no matter what season, but it is especially beautiful with lights and Christmas trees all over campus! A HUGE tree that is put up in the Chapel that Suzanne Reiss decorates beautifully. I also love to see the nativity scene assembled as well.

Even with all the wonderful baked goods and beautiful Christmas lights, we must remember that this is also a period of reflection and waiting for the birth of our Lord and Savior! The Sisters still stress the importance of Advent before celebrating Christmas, and that’s why they decorate so much later in the month of December. Advent wreaths are placed all over campus and each Monday during our weekly prayer, we have the opportunity to light one of the candles. It wonderful to relish in the anticipation of such a joyous occasion!!

The point to this blog is that the Sisters can make any holiday special, no matter what time of year it is. Because of them, I am no longer a holiday Grinch 😊