Follow the lead of the Spirit

I started this blog as a way of extending an invitation to you and others to walk with me seeking the path that would lead us to discover God and God’s plan in our lives. I find myself engaged in making choices both in the circmstances of every day and at the crucial turning points of life. My choices give shape and direction to my life. The value of seeking God’s direction, what I call discernment, is that it offers me a way of making loving choices, of following the lead of the Spirit of God in all the decisions I make. I have come to see discernment as a necessary gift, because if there are choices to be made, I need a process that helps me to make them well, under the guidance of the Spirit of God.

Today I invite the Spirit of God to speak clearly and even shout through my deafness to catch my attention and keep me on the path with St. Angela and her “cherished daughers”, my Ursuline family, discovering what choices in my day will give life.