Feb. 13: Let God Like You

One of the many things I do as a novice is attend different meetings with the Intercommunity Novitiate out of St. Louis.  The title of last week’s meeting was Being Sexual and Celibate: A Psycho-Spiritual Perspective.  Our speaker was Sr. Lynn M. Levo, CSJ, Ph.D.  She challenged us with the question:  What’s one thing God wants me to hear?  Among the many things I heard from God this past week, I was particularly drawn to a phrase Sr. Lynn shared from a book by James Alison, “Can you let God like you?” So, out of that came this week’s sticky note.

The major premise stressed by Sr. Lynn was that “God likes us, you can’t earn his liking us because it has nothing to do with being good or bad.  He created us, so therefore, we are liked spaciously, delighted in, wanted.  Behind being “liked” there is an extraordinary gentleness.”  This wonderful insight leads to understanding our role as people of intimacy.

We were created for relationship with God and others.  In order to have those relationships we must be our authentic selves.  I learned that the root word of authentic is “author” and that we are called to author our own lives.  Our growing up years taught us life lessons that we as adults can now choose to hold onto or let go of and allow our lives to be transformed.  This is our life work, “Let God like you.”

Sr. Lynn on the last day read a poem by Fred Rogers that fits so well with this theme I felt I must share it.



  1. Dcn. Matthew Keyser

    Thanks Stephany for your words – I think many struggle with the the word “Intimacy.” our world tends to see the word that only has erotic slant. We must reclaim also the part of the word that would mean truly vulnerable. To be truly vulnerable to one another and to God or to another person is what it means to be “intimate”.
    Peace be with you

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