Feb. 27: Do your things own you?

Last week I also had the privilege of hearing a talk by Fr. Tom Ovalle, OMI on the Vow of Poverty. 

There are some responsibilities all human beings have and are called by God to take into consideration.  We are all called to stand in solidarity with the poor.  To help in any way we can and to live as simply as we can.  Fr. Tom made a point to say that we as religious and most lay persons will never be truly poor because we have education.  Those who are poor have no options and no means for climbing out of the life they live.  We must make a commitment to examine the systems that continue to keep the poor, poor.  Fr. Tom stated that we do what we do so we can bring Jesus love and hope to the poor.  Which leads me to this week’s sticky note. 

Being a Catholic Christian in the world today we can live up to the challenge that this quote brings.  This Lenten Season can you touch the wounds of the poor so as to give them life.  Another quote I was recently introduced to is, “Do you have things or do your things have you?”  If you want to live a life of poverty than you must be free to give of yourself not in just material things.  You must give your time, your talents, and your treasures.