Feb. 24: Can we learn to wait for the things God has for us?

Last week I had the privilege of listening to a talk given by Fr. Ron Rolheiser, OMI.  The talk was about Sexuality and Celibacy, which translates to the Vow of Consecrated Chastity.  Within the talk, Fr. Ron spoke of the world we live in today being a society that lacks the ability to wait.  His explained this desire to have everything now as an effect of the Fall in the Garden of Eden.  Adam and Eve, temped by Satan, took what was not rightfully theirs.  They stole from God what quite possibly may have eventually been theirs if they had waited for God to Gift it to them.  They could not wait. 

As a result, we today want those things that, quite frankly, we feel we deserve, a sort of entitlement.  Now it has grown into a societal epidemic of people who have fallen into the trap of “if it feels good we must do it.” We take from the Earth’s resources without care for what will happen years from now.  We want the best cars and houses straight out of college.  We live with our significant others before we are married. 

Fr. Ron went on to explain that the Bible is full of stories that take place in a Garden.  The garden is a symbol of relationship. 

God put Adam in the Garden and gave him a helpmate, Eve.  God put them in the Garden to be free to spend time with God.  When they broke the only rule given to them they were cut off.  They became embarrassed and afraid. 

In the New Testament, Jesus took his closest disciples to the Garden to pray.  There the disciples fell asleep while Jesus shed drops of blood in his sweat.  Why?  Out of love for us.

After Jesus rose from the tomb, He appeared to Mary Magdalene, (Where?) In the Garden!  His love for her was evident in the fact that he called her by name, “Mary!”  He showed relationship out of the love she showed to Him. 

Can we as religious and lay people alike break this cycle of entitlement and return to a chaste life that waits on God to give us the “Gifts” He has for us?  After all, everything we have comes from God.



  1. Ruth Gehres

    Thanks, Stephany. I am reading this on Ash Wednesday . . . it’s a good reflection for the journey of Lent, which gives us the motivation to get back to the REAL reality . . . God’s reality, God’s real gifts to us.

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