12 Keys to Spiritual Vitality

12 Keys to Spiritual Vitality @ St. Stephen’s Cathedral Community Center
June 3, 2020 – July 8, 2020 all-day
St. Stephen’s Cathedral Community Center

Powerful Lessons to Living Agelessly
This program is based on the writing and research of Dr. Richard Johnson, founder of Senior Adult Ministry. You will learn the 12 essential “keys” of aging and spirituality that transform this time of life into an ageless soul-adventure. This is a six-session course offered on Wednesday mornings from 9-10:30 a.m. on these dates in 2020:

-June 3rd 
-June 10th 
-June 17th
-June 24th
-July 1st 
-July 8th

Dr. Johnson tells us that aging is not a “thief in the night,” rather, aging is one of the three “masters teachers” of life (the other two being relationships and sickness). Learn how to completely refresh and renew your view of maturation (aging) from one of loss to one of “a crown of glory.”

You’ll learn the 12 essential “keys” of aging and spirituality that transform aging from a potentially dismal time, into an ageless soul-adventure. The course covers aging and spirituality: aging with grace, with verve, and spiritual meaning and purpose. This course is a life-changing experience … sure to completely transform the way you look at aging and spirituality … a real “shot in the arm” especially for those who may resist aging but who want to become spiritually ageless.

After four years of research, Dr. Johnson found these 12 keys were identified as the foundational principles of aging and spirituality letting us open-up to the special grace of our mature years, and taste life in abundance.

  1. Transform your attitudes about aging,
  2. Seek love everywhere,
  3. Delight in connectedness,
  4. Live in the “Now”
  5. Accept your true self,
  6. Forgive others and self,
  7. Let go of anger and inner turmoil,
  8. Give yourself to others,
  9. Celebrate your faith,
  10. Discover personal meaning in life,
  11. Make your feelings work for you, and
  12. Achieve balance in your life.

As part of the course you will personally take, and be equipped to give, The Ageless in the Lord Profile (ALP). The ALP is grace-filled educational faith assessment profile that allows participants to get closer to God, and closer to their real selves, by getting a personal, practical, and altogether new understanding of the faith-filled meaning and purpose of aging The ALP generates a 20-page spiral-bound document that gives a panoramic picture of how the participant is growing toward vitalizing, faith-filled living and their own aging and spirituality.

The cost is $25 per participant to cover the individual educational faith assessment profile by Richard Johnson. 

Presenter: Maryann Joyce
Maryann Joyce is the new director of the Mount Saint Joseph Conference and Retreat Center. Her passion for accompanying others on the spiritual journey has led her work as a spiritual director,
hospice chaplain and retreat facilitator. She brings her recent studies in spiritual gerontology to Mount Saint Joseph with this special program.

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