Easter is a season of joy!

Easter joy lingers, in fact for 50 days, we rejoice in this hopeful season. Why is it that worries like the quickly approaching flood waters get center stage? Why is joy a neglected part of our days? My days are filled with complaints and beseeching of God’s help when things don’t go my way. How do I discover and hold on to a balance in my day? One way that someone suggested is to nurture a spirit of gladness, end each day with a moment of remembrance. Each day before closing your eyes for rest, look back over the day that is ending. No matter how troublesome the day may have been, recover and grasp a taste of joy by asking, “What is one thing in this day for which I can rejoice?”

I hope that you are not like me in that sometimes I discover in remembrance that I missed the day’s joyful moments because I was overly focused on just one thing that didn’t go as I planned.

May we never let a day go by without glimpsing a touch of joy and rejoicing in God’s goodness. Alleluia!