“Crosses Close to Our Hearts” earns honor for Ursuline Sisters

As a way to display the crosses we all bear during Lent in 2021, some of the Ursuline Sisters took part in a social media campaign called “Crosses Close to Our Hearts,” in which the Sisters shared photos of their favorite crosses and the stories behind them. In October, during the Communicators for Women Religious annual conference, “Crosses Close to Our Heart” was selected as the best electronic media campaign of the year. Jennifer Kaminski, who developed the idea, was on hand to receive the award. Since Facebook posts come and go, here is a collection of the crosses featured and the stories that go with them.



  1. Susan Claire Schwerdtfeger

    A simple physical remembrance can bear such deep meaning in our faith walk. A sincere “Thank You” to all these Sisters who so willingly shared their “heart-filled” stories. And…Congratulations on the award received!

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