Cherished Christmas Carols with Sister Vivian Bowles

Sister Vivian Bowles split her favorite seasonal songs into three categories — one for Advent, one for meditation, and one for jubilation at the birth of Jesus. Here are her choices for “Cherished Christmas Carols.”

“My favorite Advent hymn is  ‘Waiting in Silence.’ I like it because in the rush and noise prior to Christmas, this hymn calms me down, reminding me what I should be mindful of at this time. I don’t hear it nearly often enough though.

“For quiet meditation, Mass, and prayer time I love ‘O Holy Night.’  I have wonderful memories both spiritual and for entertainment. The Lawrence Welk Show had an Irish tenor named Joe Finney who sang it more beautifully than angels (or so I thought). During Christmas Eve Midnight Mass — as a child and as an adult — I would so look forward to the choir (with a solo part for the higher notes) to sing it. I would get goose bumps and teary. To this day I still do if it is sung as it was written.

“But once Mass is over and I just want to enjoy the Christmas message for a while longer, I like ‘Go Tell it on the Mountain.’ It expresses my continuing joy, hope, and long-term belief of what Christ’s birth so many years ago brings us today.”

Here are each of those hymns to enjoy.

Waiting in Silence

O Holy Night

Go Tell it on the Mountain