Cherished Christmas Carols with Sister Martha Keller

Our final “Cherished Christmas Carol” is being shared by Sister Martha Keller, who serves as Assistant Congregational Leader for the Ursuline Sisters. She also tells us her favorite Christmas tradition.
“My favorite Christmas song will always be ‘O Holy Night.’ The melody is breathtaking and obviously beautiful, but each year a new lyric strikes me. This year, it’s this description of Jesus: ‘In all our trials born to be our friend.’ Christmas reminds me that God came down among us as the Incarnate Word and gifts us each day of our lives with the honor of being called friend. O Holy Night, O Holy Day! Emmanuel Come!”
Listen and watch here: O Holy Night
My favorite Christmas tradition? “The older I get, the simpler my answer to this question becomes. When I come home for the holidays nowadays, the thing I look forward to most is the great food and great conversation around my sibling’s  kitchen table. We are all getting older and much wiser, so precious time and precious memories we share. Growing up, I got to enjoy this every day in my parents home, and that meant that sometimes I took it for granted. Today, nothing feels more special than having my whole family together, no gifts are necessary, only PRESENCE and the gift of family.”


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