Cherished Christmas Carols with Sister Karla Kaelin

Picking a favorite Christmas hymn or carol came easy for some of the Ursuline Sisters. For Sister Karla Kaelin, narrowing the list was more difficult, because she has so many good reasons for the songs she chose. So here are six of Sister Karla’s “Cherished Christmas Carols.”

“So many of my teaching years centered around primary-aged children. Prior to those years I came to love the song, “The Little Drummer Boy,” which the freshmen sang for our Christmas program during my sophomore year of high school.

The Little Drummer Boy

“During my novitiate days, “The Birthday of a King” became a favorite (as it was for Sister Elaine Burke.) Then on Christmas Eve before Midnight Mass, the novices woke us postulants by coming through our dormitory singing, “O Dear Little Children.”

The Birthday of a King

O Dear Little Children

“Then as the years rolled on, I believe my awareness of the meaning of Christmas took on an even deeper meaning, through such songs as, “O Holy Night,” “I Wonder as I Wander,” and “Mary, Did You Know?”

O Holy Night

I Wonder as I Wander

Mary, Did You Know?