Cherished Christmas Carols with Sister Cheryl Clemons

We continue our “Cherished Christmas Carols” today with Sister Cheryl Clemons reminding us that not everyone sees the birth of Jesus the same way — and that’s perfectly fine.

“I’ve always loved the song ‘Some Children See Him’ – the Andy Williams version. Long before I knew what inclusivity and diversity meant, as those words now encompass political and social movements, this song helped me experience the universality of Jesus as one born for ALL people. I’ve also loved the slow and gentle – and sometimes poignant – melody. The melody is a bit haunting, and that fits my understanding of the bittersweet nature of the Incarnation – it’s not all peppermints and presents and warm fuzzy feelings. It’s immersion into all the messiness of being human! Finally, I LOVE and am challenged by the closing line: ‘’Tis love that’s born tonight.’”

Here is Andy Williams singing “Some Children See Him.”

Some Children See Him



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