A bridge to an unknown

LIFE is always at the center of a great struggle. –John Paul II

For those whose life’s orientation is towards God the good, the action of tje Spirit is like water failling on a sponge.  It is gentle, peaceful and comforting.  The action of the evil spirit is compared to water falling on a stone. It is noisy, disrupive and distrubing.   —  (paraphrased from the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius)

There are always things that arise in our life that demand attentiveness to God’s plan.  Every circumstance is an opportunity to discover God. Every person is a bridge to connect with God.  Every disappointment is an awareness of what is most essential with God.  I am once again going down that path of discernment.   There are elements of consolation and moments of desolation.  I think I am dealing with it well and then last night as I was conversing on the phone, I was asked directly, “are you ok?”  You know it is hard to be ok when you are still trying to control.  I know peace will come when I let go and allow that graced period of indifference to reign.    I stand ont the bridge of choices and I await that soft whisper that affirms, this is my plan for you.  Be at peace.

Take, O God, these times of discernment and grant me and all those  who seek clarity on their path to you, gentle, peaceful and comforting  freedom and peace.