Be Kind, Always

From the moment I stepped on this campus, I noticed how hard everyone works in their role here. From the individuals in the Finance office to the Maintenance workers, the people here have the best work ethics I have ever seen! I have also noticed the positive attitudes that everyone exhibits here. Even on our worst days, the employees of Mount Saint Joseph can be seen with a smile on their face. The great thing about working here is that even though we are just coworkers to each other, we still treat other like we are family, especially in times of hardship and despair.

One of the housekeepers here, Terry, takes care of us on third floor of Lourdes. She is one of the nicest and kindest souls I have ever met. She is usually here in the mornings by the time I get to work and there is never a day when she doesn’t greet me cheerfully. I can also say that she does a heck of a job cleaning our offices! I always know when she has come by because the scent of fresh lemon ligers in the hallway.

A few months back, I received the daily prayer requests and Terry had put a special intention on there. She asked for prayers during a difficult journey she was facing. You wouldn’t have even known that Terry was going through such a trying time in her life—she was still being her nice, hardworking self. I felt like I had to get a little something for Terry to show her how much the Mission Advancement staff appreciated her. I purchased a card and had everyone in our office sign it just to let her know that we were thinking of her.

The next day, I came into the office and Terry greeted me with the same old big smile. I handed her the card and tears started to fill up her eyes. She then gave me the biggest hug and said “thank you” over and over again. Of course, when I saw that she was crying, I started crying as well. This moment made a realize two things—the first is that it is very important to be kind to everyone because we have no idea what a person is going through in their life, and two, letting someone know that you care is never something that you are going to regret. I’m so glad to work along such kind and compassionate people!


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