April 10, 2017: The Mission

Last week I had the privilege to attend a two-day meeting on Thinking About Mission: Trinity, Jesus, Church, and Me by Anthony J. Gittins, CSSp.  Within this topic was the hidden a great perspective.  That is:

We tend to use the word “mission” in the context of self-will.  I have a mission or I have a mission for you to do.  We can even say, “This is our mission statement.”  Fr. Tony says that God is the mission.  Our mission is to grow in our understanding of God.  God gave the Ten Commandments to establish order among the people of God not to create a strict rule.  The people began following the rule and not choosing to love outside of the law.

 In response to that, God sent Jesus.  Jesus came to show others how to love God by loving others.  He did this through what Fr. Tony called “The Four Pillars of Jesus”: proclamation, witness, dialogue, and liberation.  Through these pillars, Jesus makes God comprehensible.  In short, proclamation is encountering others; witness is foot-washing; dialogue is table-fellowship; and liberation is boundary-crossing.  Through Jesus’ four pillars, Jesus taught his disciples about God and trained them to go out into the world.

So, what is my mission?  To do as Jesus did, be God others by encountering them, washing their feet in service , fellowshipping with them, and crossing boundaries through standing in the trenches with the poor and marginalized.  This is a great reminder as we ponder all that Jesus has done for us during this Holy Week.  Have blessed EASTER!





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