An Award for General Excellence

The medallion. The opposite side reads “Saint Joseph Academy June 29, 1887.

 It happens often enough in the archives world that answers to reference requests can be difficult to find, if found at all. We were approached with a request for information about a medallion awarded to Josie Ballantine in 1887 for “General Excellence.” Josie graduated from Mount Saint Joseph Academy that year, having been an involved student in school activities. Josie’s younger sisters Irene and Doris attended the Academy as well.

It is a treat to see this beautiful medallion and to know that it has been treasured by the family for 126 years!

The 1887 Bulletin listing the awards and performances.

Josie Ballantine Hull

The Ballantine Sisters: Irene, Dora and Josie


  1. Mary-Anne Powers

    I was so excited to see this! I also have a medillion exactly like this. I believe it was awarded to my Great Aunt Lucy Spalding Walker in 1911. I, Mary-Anne Cossey Powers 1975, wear it proudly, as did my mother, Mary Elizabeth Scott Cossey.

  2. Kathy Young

    Sarah,thanks for sharing this interesting story about the medallion. I also enjoyed reading the bulletin and seeing the categories for which other awards were presented. Lot of familiar surnames in the list.

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