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Alumnae Memorial Mass
Mount Saint Joseph Academy and Junior College Alumnae Memorial Mass

The annual Alumnae Memorial Mass was Nov. 5, 2017 in the Mount Saint Joseph Chapel.

Each year, the Mass offers a chance to remember all those former students and teachers from Mount Saint Joseph Academy and Mount Saint Joseph Junior College whose deaths have been reported in the previous year.

The date for the next Alumnae Memorial Mass is Nov. 4, 2018.

The following list of our deceased alumnae were remembered during the 2017 Mass:

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord:

Class of 1940

Mary Florence McCarthy (7/31/2017)

Regina Mae Walz (6/1/2017)

Class of 1942

Georgia Victoria Riney White (1/11/2017)

College Class of 1943

Sister Jane Miriam Hancock (4/6/2017)

Academy Class of 1945/College Class of 1947

Hughleen Thompson Riney (2/12/2017)

College Class of 1945

Dora Ann McCarty (11/28/2016)

College Class of 1946

Nancy Lewis Sturgill (2/1/2017)

Academy Class of 1946

Anna Janisse Dockemeyer Warren (4/10/2017)

College Class of 1947

Sister Jane Irvin Hancock (3/8/2017)

Class of 1947

Joyce Warren (1/15/2017)

Class of 1948

Betty June Dillon Fruehstorfer (1/20/2017)

Elizabeth Jane Abell Strohmeier (3/25/2017)

Class of 1949

Sister Joan Walz (7/5/2017)

College Class of 1949

Priscilla B. Padilla (3/3/2017)

College Class of 1950

Mary Cleophas Fulkerson Stallings (12/14/2005)

Class of 1952

Theresa Luckett Dobbings (1/23/2017)

Class of 1953

Betty Abell Constantine (2/21/2017)

Mary Elizabeth Hayden Willett (2/2/2017)

Class of 1954

Gertrude Hancock Brumleve (10/22/2016)

Marylyn Joan Taul Story (1/19/2017)

Class of 1955

Margaret Thomas Bickett (10/23/2017)

Georgina Pike Hubbard (5/3/2017)

Class of 1958

Mary Jane O’Bryan Blandford (3/10/2017)

Class of 1962

Sister Mary Lois Speaks (5/6/2017)

Class of 1965

Wilda Calhoun Matthis (2/1/2017)

Class of 1967

Saundra Marie Thompson Conder (6/2/2017)

Pat Lampkins Hammack (1/28/2015)

Barbara Ann Youngblood (5/2/2017)

Class of 1969

Madaline J. Lowe (10/21/2016)

Class of 1971

Joyce Biddle Diehlman (4/3/2017)

Debbie Knott Finder (5/26/ 2017)

Kathy Grossman Hatfield (5/19/2017)

Faculty /Resource Sisters/Staff

Sister Mary Durr (4/21/2017)

 Sister Rosalin Thieneman (3/29/2017)

Please note:  This list includes deaths reported to the Alumnae Office Nov. 1, 2016 to November 3, 2017.