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Alumnae Memorial Mass
Mount Saint Joseph Academy and Junior College Alumnae Memorial Mass

The annual Alumnae Memorial Mass will be Nov. 5, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. in the Mount Saint Joseph Chapel. It will offer a chance to remember all those former students and teachers who have died since the 2016 Memorial Mass.

To see pictures from the 2016 Mass, click here.

The following list of our deceased alumnae is from the 2016 Mass:

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord:

Class of 1937

Helen Flood Schuhmann (11/23/15)

Class of 1942

Mary Lucille Bickett O’Neill (6/10/16)

Class of 1943

Betty Powers Lattus (7/8/16)

Class of 1944

Jeanne Hardesty Allin (11/10/15)

Dorothy Knott Calhoun (2/27/16)

Class of 1945

Charles Kelly Riney (5/8/16)

Class of 1947

Marietta Ling Alvey (1/9/16)

Charlotte June Fowler Bierley (6/27/16)

Academy Class of 1946 & Junior College Class of 1948

Agnes Parker McArdle (11/27/15)

Theresa Rose Hagman McCarty (9/9/16)

Junior College Class of 1948

Margaret “Peg” Eileen Bourke (4/24/16)

Class of 1948

Mary Celine Powers Kahalley (8/25/16)

Class of 1950

Martha Ann O’Reilly Matthews (8/12/16)

Class of 1952

Dell Spalding McClellan (7/19/16)

Class of 1954

Gertrude Hancock Brumleve (10/22/2016)

Class of 1958

Mary Anne Kevil (4/24/16)

Class of 1965

Martha Bell Johnson (3/28/16)

Carol Thompson Minor (4/9/16)

Class of 1969

Madaline O’Rourke Lowe (10/21/2016)

Class of 1973

Vickie Chain Hatfield (3/27/16)

Class of 1982

Shawn Marie Dragonette Bosworth (4/18/16)


Please note:  This list contains deaths reported to the Alumnae Office from Nov. 1, 2015 to October 31, 2016