Alumnae Memorial Mass

The annual Alumnae Memorial Mass on Nov. 3 brought 21 alumnae from Mount Saint Joseph Academy, as well as many Ursuline Sister alums, to remember those who have died in the past year.

Monsignor Bernard Powers, who many of the graduates remember from his days at Mount Saint Joseph Academy, gave the homily about remembering those who made the journey with the alumnae.

“We have a need to be here today … to remember,” Powers said. “We have a need to be in this Memorial Mass, for in the Mass we go beyond time and touch those who have gone out of the reach of sight, but not out of the reach of our love.”

Powers continued that those present gather “to remember and give thanks to those who enriched us, to those who made us aware of our responsibilities, to those who taught us truths that became the foundations of our choices, choices that glorify God, choices that express a great presence in our world, choices that continue the goodness these great teachers placed in our hands, and in our hearts.”

There were 31 graduates, teachers or staff remembered during the Mass, which was followed by dinner with the sisters. For a list of those remember please visit the Alumnae Memorial Mass page.

The following are pictures from the day.