Age is Truly Just a Number

The average age of our community is about north of 70 years old. You would think that age would slow the Sisters down in what they are able to accomplish, but to them, it is truly just a number. Take Sister Grace Swift for example—at 91 years old, she is still gardening and making her wonderful jellies and jams. Sister Marcella is also a force to be reckoned with—at 92 years old, she still works for our Mission Advancement department and she also visits with the other aging Sisters in the Villa. Even in their retirement years, the Sisters are still able to keep busy, while putting others before themselves.

The other day, I went down to the Villa to visit Sister Marie Bosco Wathen who was feeling a bit under the weather. I ended up running into her right outside of her room as she was on her way to see Pearl at the reception desk. Sister Marie Bosco was making a special trip to see Pearl to give her a bag of popcorn because Sister Marie Bosco knew it was her favorite. That was something that really touched me. Even when a Sister Marie Bosco didn’t feel her best, she made sure that Pearl felt special with just a small act. That is the true foundation of the Ursuline Sisters of Mount Saint Joseph—spreading kindness and joy wherever they are!

It also made me realize that I need to go down to the Villa and interact with the Sisters more often. They usually have a hard time getting all the way to the third floor of Lourdes, so it is important that I go out of my way to see them. Just because the some of the Ursuline Sisters have retired doesn’t mean they have stopped spreading the good works of the Lord, it just means that we have to come see them to see God in action. Even a small visit to a Sister means the world to them!


  1. Joan Hayden

    I enjoyed your article. I was taught by the Ursulines in grade school, high school and also at Brescia. I enjoy hearing about their daily activities. Keep it up

  2. Steve Troutman

    Sr. Marie Bosco was one of my favorite professors at Brescia. I can just imagine her doing exactly what she did as was mentioned in this article–to be thoughtful by remembering someone else even though she may not have been feeling her best. Sr. Marie Bosco is a jewel and I fondly remember her ever-present smile and her wonderful attitude!

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