A Thank You Letter to Maple Mount

For today’s blog post, it isn’t about one Sister or supporter that has impacted my life—it is about how this job and the Mount has changed me for the better. I wanted to do something a little different and reflect on my appreciation for the organization as a whole.

Before I landed this job at the Ursuline Sisters at Mount Saint Joseph, I worked at an advertising agency. In this position, the days were very fast paced, and I ended up working a lot of weekends. It always seemed like I had to keep my phone in my hand 24/7 or constantly check my email to make sure there weren’t any fires I had to put out. I enjoyed my time at the agency, but it always seemed like I rushed through the work days and never really took the time to enjoy my job.

Working at the Mount has been a complete 360 for me. When I get here in the mornings, it is still dark outside, and the world is still waking up. When I pull up in the parking lot, I am greeted by one of our resident dogs here, Buster. Seeing that cute face and wagging tail would make anyone’s morning better. Sometimes, I arrived here early enough to hear the chapel bells sound off before the Sisters start Mass. The best part is that I have the most perfect view from my office window, and I can see the sunrise.

For me, this job is not only rewarding professionally, but personally and spiritually as well. In the mornings, I am able to slow down and take in all of the beautiful sights of the Mount. I can hear the birds chipping and see the flowers slowly waking up from their winter slumber. During the workdays, I work alongside some very talented and passionate coworkers and get to see the Sisters’ smiling faces as well. Doing what you love is even better when you get to do it with people who have the same goals as you do. When I go home at nights, I am assured that I have worked diligently for the future of the community and for the livelihood of the Sisters. Even on my worst days, I go down to the chapel for a few moments to myself and thank God for all that he has blessed me with.

I’m sure a lot of our visitors and supporters would agree that this place can change a person. Being surrounded by such beauty and positivity can only put a person in a good mood. So, thank you, Maple Mount. Thank you for your scenery, your staff, your Sisters and for your ability to change a person’s life.



  1. Sister Amelia

    Thank you, Maggie. You bring happiness and sunshine with you. We are blessed to have you here at MapleMount

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