In our practice of discernment it is vital that we keep in mind the quality of God’s dealings with us. The impulse behind discernment is the desire to respond in love and trust to God’s love. But God’s wisdom somethimes looks like folly, and true discernment means being ready to be led beyond ordinary prudence and common sense into the unexpected, the unconventional, God’s foolish wisdom.
— Listening to the Music of the Spirit by David Lonsdale, S.J.

I am still reading on discernment and the reality that God is leading me is both a comfort and fearful. It seems that God has a way of always being ahead of me, turning my ordinary ideas, intentions and plans upside-down. This is who God is a God of surprises. The story of God in my life, and in all people, is a God of surprises. God invites me to open my mind and heart more to revise my plans and my ideas about how things should be to risk that comforting feeling of being secure and let go. God consistenlty takes me beyond where I feel safe and secure and moves me to something new, different and greater.

Today I pray for the ability to trust your foolish wisdom O God. The unexpected is where you are revealed and delight. Remove my hesitancy and deepen my willingness to risk. Lead me on.