I came upon a reminder that today is World AIDS Day, a time to re-dedicate ourselves to prayer and action to alleviate the great suffering caused by AIDS. I invite you to join in prayer today for the men, women and children who have AIDS.

I also invite you to remember by name the people in your own life who have died of AIDS and now rest with the communion of saints. It would also be appropriate to remember and pray for all the children and families of Hope House in Memphis where Sr. Margie Z. ministers. We pray for a loving response to people with AIDS and a end to the illness.

Prayer for World AIDS Day
Excerpt from Catholic Relief Services, Candlelight Vigil of Hope

We indeed find hope in the light of Christ. Yet, we cannot remain complacent in this hope. We must not forget that 33 million people in the world are living with HIV and AIDS and 5,700 are dying from AIDS each day. Many of those infected are ostracized by the stigma. They live in silence and suffer alone, afraid to seek the help they need, afraid to go against their culture’s norms. HIV and AIDS affect men, women, and children of every race and economic level.

As one human family, we are all touched by HIV. And as one family, together, we can touch the lives of others, raising awareness of the pandemic and reducing the crippling stigma often associated with HIV. As Christians, we are compelled to act. Through our prayers, learning, advocacy, and giving, we can make a difference in another person’s life.