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My Vocation Story – Sister Pat Lynch

Ursuline Sister Pat Lynch is at her happiest when she’s listening and talking with someone in need. The welcoming smile that so easily comes to Sister Pat’s face is all the more remarkable considering the number of tragic events that occurred in her childhood. She spent her early years in…

My Vocation Story – Sister Rosemary Keough

Sister Rosemary Keough wanted to be a missionary, like the sisters she read about in a Maryknoll magazine. While her ministry as an Ursuline Sister has taken her across the United States and South America, her calling these days is serving those who left their country to come to Kentucky….

Sisters Enjoy Vietnamese New Year

On Saturday, Feb. 21, the Ursuline Sisters at the Motherhouse enjoyed a celebration of the Vietnamese New Year presented by Sisters Anh Tran and Huyen Vu, two Sisters of the Lovers of the Holy Cross who are living with the Ursuline community while completing their college education at Brescia University….

My Vocation Story – Sister Joan Walz

Sister Joan Walz’ address as a child was Hawesville, Ky., but Cloverport was closer, so she went to school there at St. Rose. Her mother, Ida May, was a housekeeper and helped run the family store. Her father, Otto, was a farmer, and “I was his boy,” Sister Joan said….

My Vocation Story — Sister Mary Agnes VonderHaar

Sister Mary Agnes VonderHaar’s ancestors came from the valley of Haar in Bavaria, Germany. Her great grandfather came to America with his family to Quincy, Ill., then to Davenport, Iowa. “Dad worked for the Army at Rock Island Arsenal as a machinist,” Sister Mary Agnes said. He transferred to Fort…